"In ten sessions you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference; in thirty, you will have a whole new body."
- Joseph Pilates


 What Others Are Saying About Body & Mind Pilates
"My name is Barbara Paul and I'm an almost 44 year old "stay at home" mom. I love a good workout and have enjoyed participating in some local boot camps as well as other fitness classes, but an injury has forced me to cut out any high impact exercise. I was worried that I wouldn't find a workout that I could do that would give me the level of fitness that I desired. I heard that Body & Mind Pilates offered TRX classes, so I came to the Open House in August and tried a class with Chrissy. From that day I have become seriously addicted to TRX! It's a killer total body work out and Chrissy is an amazing instructor. I've only been doing TRX for about 6 weeks and I can't believe how much stronger I feel in such a short amount time. My core has always been a weak area for me, so I love that each move in TRX involves engaging my core muscles and using my own body weight as resistance. I feel like TRX is much easier on my joints because it's not high impact and the moves are much more controlled. I truly believe it is the best workout I have ever done! Do yourself a favor and give TRX a try, you won't be sorry."
Sara began taking classes at the studio almost two months ago. Through regularly attending one Pilates and one TRX class per week she has already benefited from the changes that Pilates and TRX brings:

"I am starting my 8th week at Body & Mind Pilates Studio and I can already see the difference! Previously I went to the gym 3 days a week and saw very little improvement in my trouble areas, but since joining Body & Mind I have seen several inches disappear from my waist and thighs. I really enjoy the classes and the personal attention shown by the instructors, who take the time to make the small adjustments which really make a difference. I have to admit I am hooked and now an advocate for Pilates and TRX.."

Ashley has been a client since January of 2012. She began taking Mat Pilates and Core Barre classes and has recently added TRX Suspension Training.

"As a newcomer to town and a fan of Pilates from my former city of Birmingham, AL, I was thrilled to hear that Carrollton had a Pilates studio. After my first session at Body and Mind Pilates, I learned that I was getting into a higher-quality Pilates practice than what I was used to. The focused instruction, ideal class sizes, and quality facilities and equipment make for a matchless workout experience.
I am seated at a desk most of each day, and Pilates gives my body the boost it needs in terms of strength and range-of-motion. I always feel that I walk taller and stronger after each session. Recently I have started taking the TRX classes, which are a new challenge entirely. My husband visited a class with me one time, and he instantly understood why I rave about the studio as often as I do. I prefer to take a combination of the TRX, mat Pilates, and Core Barre classes to give my fitness routine the variety it needs.

Anytime I have to take a few days off from classes due to schedule conflicts, I can tell that there is something I am missing. There is no replacement for the positive effect these classes have on my body and my mood. I would recommend the studio over the traditional gym experience to any friend. It is well-worth the physical and financial investment."

Gloria started taking Private Pilates sessions in July 2011. After almost a year of consistent practice through group and private sessions, this is what Gloria has to say about it:
"I came to Pilates as a challenge. 20 years ago I was involved in 5 car accidents over a two year period. Many different therapies got me out of immediate pain but I never fully recovered. I have spent time with personal trainers trying to strengthen my body and many other modalities, but I stayed on an constant workout - injury roller coaster. After a lot of research I determined I had muscle imbalances. While not a professional athlete I sought out sports medicine modalities that have made great strides to my recovery. It was their suggestion that the best exercise for me was Pilates. I was hopeful but tentative in my first session based on my pervious experiences with workout related injuries. Kristen was wonderful as she listened to my past and put together a plan for my future. I fell in love with Pilates quickly and it has not disappointed. The changes in my body were incredible in only a few short months. My muscles are toned and strong, especially my abdominals, upper and lower back, and inner thighs. My posture has significantly improved and back pain is almost non existent. In 30 sessions I did have a whole new body, even coming from a very injured state, thanks to the strengthening and lengthening power of Pilates. Kristen is an awesome instructor and a blessing to me."
Toya joined the studio back in May. In just a few short months of taking one Equipment and one Mat Pilates Class per week she is already hooked! Her consistent practice combined with her love and enthusiasm for Pilates has allowed her to already experience changes in her body's strength, flexibility and appearance. Here is what Toya has to say about her experience so far:
"I absolutely LOVE Body and Mind Pilates!! Kristen is a wonderful instructor, very attentive to everyone's individual needs. I now know sooo many great things about my body because of her, and am amazed at the transformation. Her mat and equipment classes are extremely addictive, and I absolutely dread a missed class. They bring about great challenges and extreme fun by completely working every muscle in the body. I highly recommend Kristen's sessions. It's totally worth my 30 minute commute to her studio."
This testimonial comes from a male client who has consistently practiced Pilates twice a week since January. Pilates is often stereotyped as fitness for woman, so take a look at a guy's perspective:

"As I get older, I realize my strength training isn't delivering the results anymore. I also recognize the traditional style strength has left me with an aging body and very little flexibility! Frustrated and hitting a wall, my wife suggested Pilates and as a Christmas gift enrolled me at Body and Mind with Kristen. Thinking Pilates was no more than fancy yoga, I didn't expect much. I was wrong! After my first session, I was sweating more than I did in the gym. With Pilates I wasn't moving a lot of weight, but instead I was targeting muscles I ignored or just plain didn't exercise in the past.
The results after six months are more than just a stronger core and more flexibility. Pilates was strengthening my weaker and smaller muscles, giving me more real world strength to excel at my hobbies. See, I have a strong passion for motorcycles: touring, MX (off road) and GP style racing. It’s physically demanding, and before I was doing Pilates, I always muscled my way around the track. While being coached, I always remembered hearing core strength being the key element to going faster, but never made the connection... until after three months of going two nights a week, the results were more than I could have imagined at the track. I now am able to move the motorcycle around easier than ever before with faster lap times.
Now, Kristen works with me and understands my goals and hurdles. She is able to fine tune the work outs for me. Like most guys, I spent my younger years slinging a lot of heavy weights and doing some cardio. That was it. Knowing what I know now, I would have focused on Pilates and core strengthening."

For the last six years, Mary Hooper has had recurring sciatica and lower back pain that made it difficult for her to maintain an active life style. Once an avid runner who completed, half-marathons, Mary was frustrated when she would begin training only to have to stop due to a flare up in her back that would send her back to physical therapy for months at a time. She was wondering if she would ever be able to be active enough to lose the 70 pounds that had gained over the years.

"When I met Kristen Mosier, I had never even heard of Piliates. "Pa- What?" Now after working regularly with Kristen in a combination of private sessions and small group sessions, I am feeling better than ever. I have so much more confidence in the stability of my back because I know my core is stronger than ever. I have more range of motion, flexibility, and am able to enjoy vigorous walks every day. In the last six months, I have lost just under 30 pounds and have the confidence to continue the activities that have contributed to this success.
While I am not yet back to running, Pilates has given me a new view of how I can maintain my activity level and enjoy a sense of awareness about my back. My back still flares up occasionally, but the body and mind connection that I have developed through my work with Kristen has made a real difference. Now, when I sense the least little bit of instability I can immediately make corrections with my posture. Kristen makes adjustments to my
workouts in order to suit my needs, which allows me to stay active even during flare ups."

After about 8 months at Body & Mind Pilates, this is what Michelle has to say:
"I heard about Kristen’s Body and Mind Pilates from some friends who were taking classes at the studio.  I was very excited because I always wanted to try Pilates, but there was not a studio nearby.  It was the beginning of summer, so I decided to jump in right away.  I started taking a mat class, an equipment class, and a Core Barre class each week.  I was hooked right from the very beginning.   
What I like about the different Pilates classes is they all strengthen the body while emphasizing developing flexibility, but they are so different that you never get bored with your workout.   Furthermore, I am amazed at how what I do in the Pilates studio transfers to my everyday life.  I love being active through swimming, running, and keeping up with my 4th and 5th grade students at school.  Pilates has strengthen my body and given me more energy and stamina.

Probably the best part of being involved with Body and Mind Pilates is Kristen.  She is professional, inspiring, and upbeat.  She is interested in the whole person and long term results with her clients’ fitness concerns.  I love the way she is constantly planning for her classes and giving constant feedback during class. 

Pilates is the highlight of my week.  I am so blessed to be part of such a positive environment with such wonderful people!"

Lisa has a consistent practice of Private Pilates Sessions twice a week:

"Pilates has enhanced my flexibility, strength, and posture. After just a few sessions, not only could I see and feel the results of increased abdominal strength, but the back pain that I have suffered from for years has minimized tremendously. I wish I would have started Pilates years ago. Kristen is a joy to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and tailors her private sessions to help each client reach their goals."

Judy is a former client who was dedicated to Private Pilates Sessions twice a week:

"Hands down, Kristen is an amazing Pilates instructor! I worked with Kristen for her last year in Tallahassee, and so desperately miss her sweet motivation. It was my husband who first noticed the changes in my body, and to me that is the ultimate compliment. What more can I say? Pilates is simply amazing for body and soul.