"In ten sessions you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference; in thirty, you will have a whole new body."
- Joseph Pilates


The Session

A Core Barre class is 55 minutes in length in an energetic group setting. The class starts in the center where we incorporate light weights and some simple movements to increase the heart rate, warm up the muscles and bring mobility to the spine. The Ballet Barre work focuses on very isolated movements that target the thighs and the seat. These exercises are easy to learn and are also designed to improve coordination, strength and balance.
Abdominal work follows where we challenge the muscles of the upper and lower abdominals, in both supine and side lying positions, while promoting stability in the pelvis and lumbar spine throughout. Prone extension exercises promote strengthening the muscles of the mid and lower back while engaging and lengthening the abdominals. The use of proper breath, exceptional cueing and modifications are given to promote effective and safe exercise. Focused stretching encourages flexibility, range of motion and a sense of well being.

Core Barre is a perfect compliment to Pilates sessions or done on its own to produce excellent results.

Core Barre is a high energy, low impact, fat burning workout. Its focus is on intensive isometric movements that sculpt the thighs, tone and firm the buttocks, flatten the abdominals and define the arms. Focused stretching to lengthen, tone and increase flexibility compliments a total body workout. Core Barre incorporates current biomechanical principles of Pilates, Ballet and general fitness concepts and is available to all fitness levels for those that safely want to change their appearance and have fun doing so!